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Happy Birthday Gyuri!

Facts About Gyuri
  • Gyuri is forgetful. Guyl often does not remember what happened in the past, even stuffs from the day before. Gyul also often forgets the lyrics of her favorite songs.
  • When she sad she’ll ask Jiyoung to do aegyo for her
  • A psychology said that Gyuri’s personalities are more like guy as woman
  • Gyuri plays piano pretty efficiently and also knows a little bit about drums. Gyuri’s room at her parents’ house also has a piano.
  • She call herself ‘Goddess’
  • KARA’s members voted Gyuri as the most embarrassing member to be with. The reason is that Gyuri always says things such as she’s pretty, KARA’s a pretty group, even outfit, associates, shoes,.. become pretty because KARA girls wear them.
  • Gyuri’s attending Dongduk female university, but due to her schedule, she rarely goes to school. However, Gyuri’s mood goes very high if she has a chance to attend school. Kamilias say that Gyuri always goes to school with her bare face and enjoying eating at the canteen just like any other student.
  • Gyuri is a hardcore fan of the famous hiphop couple Tiger JK – Yoon Mirae. She even cired on the first time meeting Yoon Mirae.
  • When Gyuri was 13, she was a trainee for a company, but it disappeared suddenly. Morever, she used to be chosen for Chun Sang Ji Hee The Grace but then decided to join DSP and became KARA’s member
  • The first time Seungyeon met Gyuri, Gyuri had a white dress on, with her black long hair down to her back and high-heeled shoes. Meanwhile, Nicole described that Gyuri’s hair was so dark and everything Gyuri was wearing was black.
  • Gyuri said that the first time she met Seungyeon, Seungyeon looked like a kid with grey trousers, yellow jacket, glasses and hair down - nothing different from a role modeled student.
  • Gyuri’s ideal model husband is only her father. Unfortunately, she was already “taken”
  • Gyuri’s parents are always silently watching every step she took and highly respect her personal life as well as her decisions. Gyuri’s mom has never read her diary even though she had chances. Being very busy, Gyuri’s mom always feels bad because she couldnt take care of or cook Gyuri her favorite food.
  • Gyuri’s afraid of height. Therefore, every time they go up to a high place, Seungyeon always teases and makes Gyuri scream, then laugh victoriously.
  • While HamGoolColeJing all choose Gyuri as the most reliable one, Gyuri herself chooses Nicole. To Gyuri, Nicole was her mental support, the one who always listens to her stories and an understanding soul mate who can understand Gyuri even without any word being said.
  • Gyuri’s mother bought GyulHamSungCole four girlish dolls in white dresses. They, in fact, were tissue boxes.
  • The only thing about her body that Gyuri is displeased about is that her second toe is longer than her big toe. She thinks that her second toe looks like a finger.
  • Gyrui got teased by Sunghee and Nicole over how she walks in the drama “Woman’s World”, which she starred in as a child. They a liken it to a “burn earthen pot” which Gyuri got really mad about. (http://i686.photobucket.com/albums/vv227/yoocho/kidgyul.gif)
  • Gyuri has insomnia. Often, Gyuri will stay up all night then gets some sleep in the morning and wakes up at noon.
  • At home, Gyuri has two beloved puppies named Nadia and Jyangee (named after the movie “The Prince of Egypt”, which Gyuri’s mom was dubbed for). Gyuri said that both Nadia and Jyangee are like their owner, very beautiful, kind and smart; Nadia knows 6 different languages and Jyangee even took the TOEFL test.
  • If Hara was a guy, Gyuri would exactly be Hara’s ideal girlfriend. Even when Hara was a girl, Gyuri is still her ideal boyfriend.
  • KARA members and DSP staffs often call Gyuri “Handsome Gyul.”
  • Nicole said that Gyuri can never get tired of looking at herself in the mirror, even for a whole day. Just a pimple makes her stare at the mirror for 40 minutes.

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